*Round 2 of auditions now on!! Please call Kat Reed on 0412 094 757 to book an audition.*

A new production of a musical written, produced and directed by Bronte Forrester and Kat Reed. This sexy murder mystery, set in 1930s New Orleans, features crime, romance and betrayal.

A female Detective trapped in man’s world, walks into a travesty, involving a runaway fugitive, and finds friendship in the most unlikely chum.

All proceeds from the show will go towards charity.

 General Production Information

F.A.R. Productions announces auditions for their production of  Stockholm. Performances will take place in late September 2013.

There will be nightly performances as well as a few matinees.

Director:                                  Bronte Forrester & Katherine Reed

Musical Director:               Bronte Forrester & Katherine Reed

Choreographer:                   Madelane Knowles & Gemma Feltham        


Round 2 of Auditions are now on!! 2nd Auditions for dancers will be held from 12:30 – 1:30pm on Saturday 11 May 2013 at 12 Tullaroop St. Duffy ACT 2611 for a block of around an hour. Auditions for actors and singers will be held straight after. 12 Tullaroop St. Duffy ACT 2611. Attendance to both audition times is preferable however, if you are unable to make it to one audition please let us know. You will need to arrive no later than 10 minutes before your allotted audition time.

Please note: for dancing roles limited acting and singing experience is sufficient and for minor character roles acting experience required and limited dancing experience is sufficient, (see character list below). For Male Lead, experienced singer and actor required with minor dance experience (see character list below).

*To book an audition please contact Kat Reed on 0412 094 757.*

The audition will consist of three components:

  • Acting: Please come with a prepared monologue no longer than 2 minutes long and be prepared to read a section of the script.
  • Singing: You must prepare one song of your own choice in the style of jazz musical theatre. Make sure it is a song that shows your vocal ability and range. It is preferable that you provide an accompanist or a CD recording of backing tracks with no vocals. Acapella auditions will be permitted. We will not supply repertoire.
  • Dancing: On the day of the audition you will be taught a movement/dance routine. An hour session has been allocated. Please wear shoes and clothing you can move comfortably in. No jeans. All auditionees will be preferably at the dance audition even if they are only going for a singing or acting role.


Should call-backs be required we will let you know once the day’s round of auditions has come to a close.


Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin as soon as auditions have been finalised and parts given. Rehearsal schedule is yet to be finalised.

Performances: Performances will be in late September 2013.


THOMAS HARTLEY (Male Principal Role) – A charming and flirtatious bar tender, with a mysterious side.

JIMMY PEARCE (Minor Character) – Assistant Officer to the Detective. A loving young man with flair who wants to do right by everyone.

OFFICER HARDEN – The “decent cop”. Your average Joe.

OFFICER ARRINGSTON – The rowdiest of all the officers. A little rude and crude.

OFFICER WILLS – Youngest of the officers. Has a crush on Fritz. Shy, caring and timid.

FRITZ – Office receptionist. Has a crush on Officer Wills. Sweet, bubbly, sexy, flirtatious a little dim.

JAILED BIRD 1 – Sexy, grungy, nasty, crazy. Satan’s spawn.

JAILED BIRD 2 – Sexy, grungy, nasty, crazy. Satan’s spawn.